Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nota review on "wwwhatsnew"

Nota is reviewed on "wwwhatsnew" (in Spanish).

The article "NOTA - Videos, fotos, textos y chat en una misma página" says (Translated by Google):

NOTA - videos, photos, texts and chat at a glance

* Juan Diego Polo
* April 22, 2008

* Wikis and creating websites

Scored can import photos, videos, maps and google catches your webcam on a page reserved for each user.

As if to refrigerator magnets will deal with imported components can be prepared in any way on the same page, allowing be commented and customized by several people at once.

When sharing the page with your friends you can interact with an internal chat, giving, with this, all the features necessary to share the experiences of a trip, for example.

The result may also be disclosed in your personal blog, increasing the audience of work.

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