Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Review on Nota for educational use

Nota has been reviewed by teachers/educational professionals as an educational tool. Thank you for reviewing Nota.

Free Technology For Teachers: NOTA - Collaborative Web Page Builder

Nota was described as follows:

NOTA is an easy to use web page / online collage builder that is easy enough for elementary school students to use. NOTA is a good replacement or alternative to building traditional paper and glue collages. NOTA is also a good alternative to a wiki for assignments with a more visual rather than textual focus. I can even see NOTA being used in conjunction with an oral presentation in which students explain the significance of the various elements on their web page.

High School Collaboration Tools and Resources

Nota is shown as a tool for brain storming.


Review by a teacher in the United States.

De onderwijsvooruitzichten door John van Dongen

Review by a Dutch teacher.

We, Nota team, are very happy that Nota has been used in several schools for education. If there are any concern, comment or request, please feel free to contact us. We'd like to more better Nota for educational use.

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