Thursday, June 19, 2008

New: Rating System and Related Nota View

Hello Everyone!

We have released two new features from our international development team this week.

You are now able to rate Nota from Awesome (5) to Keep Trying (1).  You can also see thumbnails of related Nota in the viewing sidebar to explore other Nota you might be interested in.

Rating works on a one through five system where all of the ratings given will be used to create an average. The Nota with the highest average rating will join the new "Top Rated" gallery descending and in this way you decide which Nota will be popular.

In the sidebar of the Notum view there is now a related page section which displays Nota similar to the one being viewed. This is first done by the similarity of text contained within, and second by the user who has made it.

Finally, here is your Tip of the Week:

When editing a Notum you might have noticed some objects move to the front or the back automatically. The way this works: larger objects are automatically moved to the rear and smaller ones to the front.

Please enjoy our new features and feel free to give use any and all feedback or comments you may have.



The Nota Community Guy

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