Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekly Update: Invitations, Profile Pictures, and Wikipedia

Hello Everyone,

Before we share the latest info about Notaland with you we want to say thank you for using our service, providing wonderful feedback, and recommending us to your friends!

This week's new releases are the addition of a profile picture feature, and wikipedia content search from the sidebar. 

Go ahead and surf over to your settings page and you will see a browse button where you can upload a profile picture to appear on your MyNota page.

You can now also search for and drag wikipedia content from the sidebar of the Nota Mixer to enrich your creations.

And now,  here is your Tip of the Week:

With the frame button at the top of the mixer you can add or remove the white border and cut your photos into different shapes with one click! 

Please feel free to give us any and all feedback or comments you may have so we can accomodate your wants and needs as best as possible.


The Nota Community Guy

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