Thursday, June 12, 2008

Search, Permission, Embed Features and a New Use Tip

I'm happy to announce our development team has completed several new features this week.

You now have a handy search feature-- search Nota by keywords in their title and content text.

  • The results can be sorted by relevance, date updated, and views.
  • Also you can choose how they will be displayed - either a thumbnail view or detailed list view that allows you to read the text from within the Nota right there.

The next new feature being introduced today is the ability to allow or disallow commenting on your Nota.

Finally you now have advanced embedding options-- choose to embed the Nota itself or just an image of it and also change the size it will be displayed and Scrollbar options.

Tip of the Week

Did you know you can Ctrl+click any objects in a Nota to move them together just like you are used to on your OS?

Similarly, if you Shift+click objects you can proportionally resize them as well.

I didn't know this when I first used the Nota mixer but it has made changing layouts easier than ever!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy our service.



the Nota Community Guy

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