Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Features: Font Art, Post to Blogger & LiveJournal Buttons, and More

Hey everyone!

This week we are introducing three new features to make your Nota experience better:

  • Font Art
  • Embed straight to Blogger and LiveJournal buttons
  • New Clip Art

With the Font Art feature you can select from 5 new fonts.


  1. Choose a font you like
  2. Enter your desired text
  3. Click 'add' - the tool will automatically render the Font Art in your nota canvas.

From there you can customize your new Font Art the same as a shape- move, resize, change colors, and adjust transparency.

This way you can have font options that add more personality to your nota and you dont have to wait while the page is loading entire font sets.

We have also added new clip art for you in edit mode with the theme 'Happy Drive' and there are some great characters and images to use (as seen in the Weekly Nota above). When you are all done and want to share your nota on Blogger and Live Journal you can use the  new embed buttons for them in view mode. 

Thats all for now, and here is your Tip of the Week:

Did you know you can use the Ctrl key+ the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out in edit mode?

This is very handy if you have moved a window off the normal screen and cant click on the move button or the X button to delete, or just want to get a zoomed out view of your whole nota.

Please leave us any ideas or feedback you might have!



The Nota Community Guy.

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