Thursday, July 3, 2008

New This Week: new MyNews and Clipart Features

Hey everyone!

This week we have two very cool new features:

1. Nota News - this shows you all the latest activity around your Nota

2. Clipart - the display for clipart is now an accordion style so you can more easily grab clipart (tons of new clipart will be added soon!)

Now through Nota News you can check for updates to all the different kinds of activity going on around you in Notaland. For now there are four feeds:

  1. an 'all' feed showing all Notaland activity

  2. a comments feed with all comments you have recieved on your Nota

  3. a shared feed with all activity in your shared Nota

  4. a ratings feed with all ratings you have recieved on your Nota

In the editing view you can now see clipart galleries expand in an accordion style that makes it much easier to use than the previous style with a drop box. Also, please look forward to see lots of new vector clipart for you to use in the near future.

Thats the news and....

Here is your Tip of the Week:

When you use the text tool you can choose a color for the text box background.If you highlight the text you can change its color, if you leave the selector at the end of the text you change the background color.

We have many big changes coming up to make Nota more fun and powerful.

Please give us any feedback or comments and we'll try our best to put them into effect on the site.

Thanks for enjoying Nota and please stay tuned for lots of great updates in the near future.



The Nota Community Guy

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