Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekly Update: New Clip Art and Your Friend's Comments Feed

Hi everyone!

This week you have two cool updates:

- New Clip Art in the Sidebar to Play with and...

-Comments your friends have left on other Nota are now included in your news feed.

Beginning this week we will be adding new clip art to the sidebar weekly. We hope this will allow the creation of better and better creations all the time.  Also, when you check your main news feed you may notice  : "Ben left a new comment for Jen". Now you can enjoy the Nota your friends are commenting on.

And now, here is your Tip of the Week:

You can set a particular Nota to be displayed on your MyNota page by entering the page number into the settings customization page.

For example:

Leave us any comments or feedback you may have-- we would be happy to incorporate your ideas into the site.



The Nota Community Guy

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